Our Privacy Policy

Privacy is an important, and basically non-existent, thing on the internet.

And we at CoaguCo take that serious. None of us like to be tracked by sites, having our data sold off to the highest (or, in some cases, lowest) bidder, or worse. To double-down on that, the official stance for us is pretty anti-marketing / anti-advertising. It's a scummy business with pretty shitty tactics all-around. That being said, CoaguCo Industries in no way, shape, or form sells, trades, or distributes any information we have about our users to anyone. Hell, we don't even really look at it ourselves. To go more into the details of why that information is pretty boring, read on...

If you play any of our games, there is a good chance we have a little bit of data about you:

  • Steam ID 64; if playing any of our game through Steam
  • GameJolt ID; if playing the one game we listed on GameJolt
  • E-mail address; if creating an account for The Dope Game: Android Edition
  • Game statistics, which vary by game
Even our mobile port of The Dope Game collects nothing but gameplay statistics (wins, losses, etc.); we don't mine your mobile device for anything unlike most companies. And what little data we are getting, in the way of ID numbers and game stats, doesn't actually link back to any particular identifying information about you; unless you use your real name on your Steam profile.

Can I See What Data You Have?

Right now, no. However, we are in the process of setting up a system where you can log into our site and see what all data we have about your game saves, leaderboards, etc. Even any purchases you may have made through the shop. When the time comes, to do this, you will need to create an account and link in your Steam ID 64 to access your data in our system. This will, obviously, tie the e-mail address you give us to your game account. We still won't ask for your real name or anything else. Afterwards you will be able to delete that data, if you wish. However, please note that if you continue to play our games after deleting your data, they will just start collecting game statistics again.

What About The Shop?

The only caveat to the information above is if you purchase anything through our shop, obviously. If so, then we do collect your billing and shipping information in relation to your order for our records. This information is not shared or sold to anyone and only used in relation to your particular order; mostly in looking things up on our end or displaying the data to you.

Can I Delete My Data?

Sure. You can request this data be deleted by contacting support here. Please include your Steam ID 64 with your request, unless you have linked your Steam ID to your e-mail address after making an account. Do note that the online functionality for our games, which is pretty much limited to personal statistics and leaderboard standings, will cease to function correctly; and that the statistics gather will begin again once you start up any of our games. Also note that purchase history cannot be deleted for a myriad of reasons.