CoaguCo Fall Update - Haulin' Oats, The Dope Game, And More

Posted On: October 02, 2021

Hey there, happy fall! And with the change of the seasons we are back from a lengthy vacation to update you on where and when various games will see the light of day. For fun, this will be in chronological order.

Into Oblivion

So the Brewmaster expansion won't be around until, probably, Q3 2022; however, the game will be getting a large update very soon for the upcoming Steam Tabletop Fest. Yeah, this month... in about two weeks. That soon.

What's in it? The game's version of Godot will be updated to 3.3.4; maybe 3.4 if that comes out before the update. Tons of code has been updated under the hood in preparation for Brewmaster, including the networking which has all be ported over to Steam instead of Godot's internal networking. This will make all the multiplayer stuff much more smooth.

In addition to these, there are a few graphical upgrades and animation changes. Menu layouts have been altered too. The old "embiggen" mode was pulled temporarily to be replaced with better accessibility modes in the Brewmaster update. The native resolution is now 1440p, up from 1080p. And, naturally, a bunch more tiny tweaks that will be outlined in the change log when it launches.

Haulin' Oats

Our next big release will be out in Q1 2022. Haulin' Oats is currently undergoing networking re-writes and various graphical upgrades for the last beta version. Trust me, all those graphical assets take a long time to draw and implement.

Along with these updates for the beta will be the Haulin' Oats rule book which will be available for download so you can read about each square during, prior, or post game-play. The rule book is also part of the possible physical version of the game that you can play at home with friends... if you have them. More on the possibility of this physical version will be talked about after the official Steam launch.

The Dope Game: Remaster

Probably the most asked about, The Dope Game missed its original remaster release window of May 2021. Too many asset changes, code changes, and covid dragged the process out. However, considering we are closer to the end now, the release day can pretty reliably be set at May 30th, 2022.

There have been a bunch of weird, new features added to the game since the last update and the next beta update should be pretty juicy. It may or may not show up as an Xmas present for you all.

One Way To Die: Final Cut

The oldest of our games and one that started as a joke a long time ago, is getting one final update which will add a graphical version. This was teased earlier in the year and, well, let's tease it again.

While there is no hard date, the One Way To Die: Final Cut version should be out in Summer 2022. It hasn't been decided yet if the fully text version will be removed or not. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Raise Your Own Clone

Last and very much least, a game I personally hated working on, is Raise Your Own Clone. Between design and release, much was lost and development felt like a drag. To fix all that, the game is getting a re-imagining and new life in Q4 2022.

None of the actual story content will change; however, the presentation will change greatly. If you remember your way through each story, it'll make playing the new version that much easier. And, finally, we will have a version of the game that I can feel good about.

That's it for now. More updates will follow as each of these game's updates come out or get closer. Stay tuned!