Haulin' Oats - Official Release March 19, 2021 (For Real)

Posted On: January 04, 2021

Hey there, long-haul truckers! So last time this was discussed, there was a tentative release date of January 21 which (at the time) seemed like a big enough window to get the last few pieces in place and polished. Well, after examining things it seems just a tiny bit more time is needed. Nothing like holidays and pandemics to really through your development schedule off.

That being said, there is now an official release date set of March 19, 2021. The game's OST will also be released on the same day, in case you were curious about that. And while I will say it now, I plan on having at least one more pre-release up before March; definitely one or two multiplayer tests with subsequent patches.

Board Game? Board Game!

For a while now, I have been researching what it would take to make a physical version of the game; mostly the cost. I have found a few companies that could print the individual components and one-offs would be pretty expensive. Despite that, I will be creating at least one or two physical versions for the office because why not?

To make costs reasonable, I think there would have be some kind of Kickstarter and that would requires folks to be interested in playing it. So sometime after the game's release in March I'll be reaching out to the community and see if there is any interest. If so, then I'll calculate how many copies would need to be made to make them cheap enough per.

But enough of that, back to serious business!