Into Oblivion - Version 2.0 Update Live

Posted On: January 05, 2022

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today is the day and Into Oblivion's large 2.0 update is out. Many things have changed: updated graphics, new Steamworks networking features, new engine upgrades, new animations, etc.

While a lot of it was cosmetic, there was a ton of changes under the hood for the game as well as the content updates and expansions planned for this year.

If you are interested in all the specific changes, you can check out the change-log at the end of the post. Otherwise, read on about the (near) future plans we have cooking.

There are some other big things to note with this update too. After some discussion internally and with folks who play the game, we have upped the price of the game to $4.99 USD. Instead of charging more separately for the upcoming expansion packs, they will be rolled into the main game.

After you boot the game up, you'll notice that Top Shelf and The Sobering from multiplayer are going to appear in single-player. Currently we are tweaking the bot logic to play these modes a bit better and will make this all available when the DLC update comes next month.

Speaking of, if you remember the roadmap, the next update is to the DLC. This will add more content and some new skins for players who own it. There will be a few other updates for the main game when that launches too.

After that is the Midnight update. This mode will allow up to eight players, and bots, to run games of Midnight for coin. There will be special achievements and extra rewards added for this expansion which can be used in the regular game and Brewmaster; as well as the money.

Speaking of, later in the year, the Brewmaster update will close everything out. This expansion will let you open your own bootleg distillery and serve booze to the seedy underbelly of Starkham. Use recipes your learn from the main game to create batches of booze, use coin to upgrade your facility, and hire some unsavory characters to deliver and promote your goods. You can even sabotage friends' and strangers' operations.

More on all that as we creep closer to each update. For the curious, here is the full change-log as we have it:

  • Jungle Juice - Version 2.0 - Change Log
  • Added: hooks for the Brewmaster expansion
  • Added: missing 6 Halloween holiday drinks
  • Added: missing Halloween achievement
  • Added: Steam rich presence
  • Added: missing Easter hair sprite
  • Added: missing bot blurbs for Timothy, H.H. Bunny, and the random bots
  • Added: icon for when a card is tapped
  • Added: added player avatars to lobby board
  • Added: lobby icons to lobby list
  • Added: total number of rounds to interface
  • Added: hover-over text for menu buttons
  • Changed: art tweaks and updates
  • Changed: upgrade to Godot 3.4.2
  • Changed: native size from 1080p to 1440p
  • Changed: replaced some animations with tweens for more fluidity
  • Changed: a ton of code under the hood
  • Changed: main menu animations
  • Changed: tutorial information slightly
  • Changed: layouts in the statistics, leaderboards, and options sections
  • Changed: rearranged the lobby buttons, grouped some
  • Changed: multiplayer now uses Steam networking
  • Fixed: small code issues with logging and brewer
  • Fixed: main menu web link not using https
  • Fixed: bug where intox status images weren't unloading, just piling up
  • Fixed: sync process with CoaguCo servers
  • Fixed: deck arrays not clearing properly
  • Fixed: bug where leaving stats or leaderboards too quickly caused crash
  • Fixed: issue where bot couldn't "look through" all possible drink recipes
  • Fixed: missing sound effects
  • Fixed: shop incorrectly looking at card inventory instead of purchases
  • Fixed: locking issue with certain unlocked skins, arenas, or bots
  • Removed: stats being backed-up on Steam servers
  • Removed: Godot built-in networking functions
  • Remove: bot chatter at beginning of match (it was lame)