Into Oblivion - Version 2.0 - Release Candidate

Posted On: January 01, 2022

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Happiest of new years! Today we are dropping the first (and maybe only) release candidate for the version 2.0 update. Why you ask? Well, come inside and read all about it.

All of the testing for version 2.0 has been done internally which has usually been a mixed bag. Also, there is a ton of work in the background that is going on for this significant update: updating the store page with new screenshots, creating new trailers, modifying various Steamworks settings, tweaking the API system, etc. So why not let you guys get a crack at the update first and see if you can find any bugs we didn't?

To access the version 2.0 release candidate, right-click the game in Steam then select 'Properties'. In the next window, head to the betas section. Change it from 'none' to 'beta' and it should update itself.

If you do try the new release candidate and do stumble upon a bug, please contact us via the Steam community in the bug forums, our Discord server in the support channel, or by e-mail (you know where to find it).

Barring any horrible issues, the update should be out this coming with a bunch of news about the further expansions, DLC updates, and more!