Hey, anonymous alcoholics! There has been a bit of a gap since the last beta update and we’re here to talk about it! As you may have heard, there was a few holidays seasons since now and then which kind of paused development on everything at CoaguCo for a bit. Luckily, that’s all over now and we have been getting the (hopefully) last beta update ready to go.

Also, Godot Engine (what we’ve been building it and our previous games in) just recently released the 3.0 RC version, with stable not too far behind. Those of you who have been playing the beta might have stumbled across a pretty shitty bug that causes a CTD. It seems to be something wrong with the version of Godot we were using; the dreaded and abandoned v2.2 which was the only one with the good networking functions.

Now that 3.0 is almost out, we are porting the game to it and this should fix that issue. The Dope Game will also probably get ported to fix the 32-bit integer problem which we really hated.

All in all, the game should see it’s last beta version this month and hopefully be ready for release in February. But as anyone who follows game development knows, dates don’t mean shit. Cheers!

Hey there, we are just writing to let you know that the X-Mas Holiday events are now active in both The Dope Game and One Way To Die. Besides theme changes and some extra achievements becoming active, users may randomly receive a gift key to one of our games when in-game.

We are also selling our games at a discount over at Itch.io, for those of your who may not own any. A little bit of a head-start on Steam’s Winter Sale. But expect similar discounts on Steam too.

Happy holidays!

Hey, dope fiends! Today we are pushing out an update that adds some stuff to the bank and makes a minor fix. Here is the change log for those so inclined:

  • Added: max deposit/withdraw in bank interface
  • Changed: bank may now have deposits/withdraw over $100,000
  • Fixed: map image had backward hover/normal images

Also the X-Mas Holiday event starts in two days and we will be giving away some game codes! More on that day of!

Yeah, bitches, it’s that time of year again and we have games on sale all over the place.  We’ll start with the big one: Steam.

The Dope Game is 45% off.

The Dope Game: The Stash DLC is 40% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 49% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 51% off.

Valve has some restrictions on how low games can be sold for so One Way To Die has hit that.  Moving on to Itch.io, here are the sales over there.

The CoaguCo Bundle (all three games) at 50% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 45% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 75% off.

Also, the Halloween events are active in The Dope Game and One Way To Die, so get on that shit!

Hey, dope fiends. Today we are removing The Dope Game from Humble Store due to their acquisition by IGN. Humble has been cool to us and done good work so it kind of sucks to part ways but there are many concerns due to this buy-out, chief among them is a reviewer owning a storefront.

It surely won’t hurt their bottom line any but we didn’t feel comfortable giving a portion of our sales to IGN by way of Humble. We hope it works out for Humble and IGN stays hands off but time will tell.

In the meantime, the only places to snag our games will be Steam and Itch.io… and like a few smaller places.