Snackocalypse is a twin-stick shooter set in a food apocalypse where an mold epidemic has spread and infected almost everyone in the great kitchen kingdom. Players must fight there way from the floor all the way up to the freezer; battling through various enemies like zombie lemons and exploding grapes. Need to gain health? Just eat your fallen opponents or allies! Featuring music from our old friend Castor Sorrel.

The game is currently in very early alpha stages and was originally designed for the Game Jolt DreamHack game jam. You can actually play the game jam version right now by going to Game Jolt and downloading it.

Chewy Features

A meager feature list for the current alpha follows:
  • Two different enemies
  • One boss; Ham
  • One board; the Table
  • Apple is playable
Additional features planned for the near future are:
  • Online co-op
  • Local co-op
  • More enemies: Grape, Cheese, and more
  • More bosses: Banana, Stew, and more
  • More boards: Floor, Cupboard, Sink, and more
  • Orange will be playable
  • More music
  • More interactive objects: cutlery, mouse traps, etc.

Yummy Change Log

This is the official change log for Snackocalypse.

Apple - Version 0.0.1 Alpha [ 10/01/17 ]

  • It is the beginning of the end! The game jam version