This is a game about truck driving, the US highways, and oatmeal. During your time as a truck driver for the Starkham Oatmeal company, you will be tasked with delivering crates of delicious oats to the local grocery store. The roads are fraught with dangers, as well as delights, so be sure to take along a trusty co-pilot and / or pet.

Arranged as a digital board game, you will encounter a wide variety of characters and obstacles ranging from drug cartels, bike gangs, random maniacs, pop stars, police, serial killers, and the few folk that aren't completely crazy. Make your way around the board and collect your wages every time you complete a delivery then return to the warehouse. Use it to buy spare parts for your truck, the favor of lot lizards, or sometimes bribe your way out of trouble.

When you start a game, each player will get to choose one of eight different drivers; with three locked by default. Each has two strengths and weaknesses, like bonuses to truck ramming checks or penalties to dealing with the law. Mix and match the different drivers with co-pilots and pets to get the upper hand against your opponents.

Just like the drivers, each co-pilot and pet has one different benefit and disadvantage. If you get a bad Incident card draw, you might just accidentally leave 'em at a truck stop somewhere for an opponent to scoop up. If none suit your play style, you can choose to play without one if you want.

Haulin' Change Log

This is the official change log for Haulin' Oats.

Version 0.0.3 - Alpha [ 10/09/20 ]

  • Added: encryption for save files
  • Added: networking framework
  • Added: saving of game statistics
  • Added: more music from the soundtrack
  • Added: radio station-style swap through music tracks
  • Added: final font designs thanks to Cultivated Minds
  • Added: rich presence text for Steam friends list
  • Changed: bot wait button text to be more clear
  • Changed: various art assets with new fonts
  • Changed: various chunks of code for better performance
  • Changed: menu layout now moves around the table
  • Changed: swapped object order in menu to prevent button blocking
  • Fixed: issue with randomizer

Version 0.0.2 - Alpha [ 06/15/2020 ]

  • Added: master volume slider
  • Added: turn order numbers to turn order interface
  • Added: one guest driver, two guest co-pilots, three guest pets
  • Added: two new drivers and co-pilots (unlocked, non-guest)
  • Added: more Encounter cards
  • Added: more Resource cards
  • Added: more Incident cards
  • Added: a few new achievements (not hooked up yet)
  • Added: achievement icons to stats section
  • Added: confirmation to driver, co-pilot, and pet selection
  • Added: new square animations when player lands somewhere
  • Added: drawn and kept cards' effects on things
  • Added: new warning screen for alpha
  • Changed: bot's wait button now pauses bot counter when hovered over
  • Changed: moved some Encounter cards to Resource cards based on content
  • Changed: main menu bar now shows sub-menu buttons too
  • Changed: set-up layout with higher resolution cards
  • Changed: dialog to master translation file instead of hard-coded for later localization
  • Changed: various interface graphics ported to text for later localization
  • Changed: interfaces for some squares to new format
  • Changed: screen stretch rules
  • Changed: enabled menu music
  • Changed: default music and sound levels at half
  • Changed: two guest drivers to locked
  • changed: reworked bonuses / penalties for all characters
  • Changed: co-pilots now only give +2 / -2 effects
  • Changed: pets now only give +1 / -1 effects
  • Changed: various statistic names in code
  • Changed: updated tool-tip system
  • Changed: code structures for each square, more efficient now
  • Changed: item acquisition process to better handle cards a player is holding
  • Fixed: self-repair skill not being applied in applicable situations
  • Fixed: ear-splitting volume of splash intro
  • Fixed: executable icon not showing
  • Fixed: taking no co-pilot or pet still gave you bonuses / penalties
  • Fixed: traffic jam not affecting bots when first landing
  • Fixed: missing bot logic at warehouse square to end turn
  • Fixed: missing player option to end turn at warehouse square when getting $0 paycheck
  • Fixed: neighboring problem in menu items
  • Fixed: lack of checks in bot progress speed during single-player game setup
  • Fixed: inconsistent card drawn integer
  • Fixed: success/fail math on incident card rolls
  • Fixed: incorrect die value in certain skill checks
  • Fixed: incorrect high/drunk modifier after getting busted by cops
  • Fixed: success/fail math on sasquatch photo card
  • Fixed: player being treated as a bot during turn
  • Fixed: minor spelling and grammatical errors
  • Fixed: loading screen sitting under hud
  • Removed: unused assets

Version 0.0.1 - Alpha [ 12/22/2019 ]

  • Added: everything...