Super Cuddle Argument Party is a 4v1 asymmetrical game set in a very cute world with a group of cuddly animals trying to stop the big, bad monster from becoming too big and too bad then eating them all. The game mixes 2D platformer and asymmetrical horror together set in an adorable world full of danger and love.

The game is currently in very early test stages working mostly with the level / platform mechanics and character interaction. Most of the early videos we have published show Blue Bear moving around, the Sun doing his thing, and a few other bits and pieces. We hope to have more to show sometime in early-to-mid 2023. For now, you can check the link below to see what we have uploaded to YouTube and visit back to CoaguCo's main site for any news update. Or Twitter. Or whatever.

Adorable Features

A meager feature list for the current test build follows:
  • Three playable monsters: TBA
  • Five playable animals: Blue Bear and the rest TBA
  • One Environment: The Forest
  • Currently only local multiplayer works
Additional features planned for the near future are:
  • Online multiplayer
  • More environments
  • More music

Cuddly Change Log

This is the official change log for Super Cuddle Argument Party.

Animals - Version 0.0.5 InDev [ 01/08/22 ]

  • Added: some makeshift textures to platforms and grounds
  • Fixed: more bugs with hugging

Animals - Version 0.0.4 InDev [ 05/18/21 ]

  • Added: additional playable animal
  • Added: additional playable monster
  • Changed: animation system to make state transitions look less shitty
  • Fixed: paralax issue where changing layers caused player to drop through ground
  • Fixed: weird regression where level loop caused player to drop through ground

Animals - Version 0.0.3 InDev [ 09/23/20 ]

  • Added: additional playable animal
  • Added: additional playable monster
  • Added: game can now move up vertically
  • Changed: sun now changes with monster's progression in game

Animals - Version 0.0.2 InDev [ 02/15/20 ]

  • Added: additional playable animal
  • Added: first monster
  • Changed: levels now loop completely around without weird drop bug
  • Fixed: tons of quick-made bugs

Animals - Version 0.0.1 InDev [ 04/12/19 ]

  • First test build of the basic mechanics