Being A Guest

What is this again?

CoaguCast With... is a discussion about your experience making games and an opportunity to showcase your work to our listeners / viewers. We can discuss anything related or unrelated to game development too.

The recording process is meant to be very casual so sessions are not required to be non-stop or on-the-spot. There is room for interruptions, bathroom breaks, or anything else that may occur. We can cut that in post and edit as needed.

As a guest, you will have access to the unedited version of the episode's recording and can opt to make whatever edits you feel are needed or wanted.

And you are...

An indie developer or studio who primarily uses the Godot Game Engine (we love it) and has a game already released on Steam, Epic,, ec. or has a game that will be released this calendar year. You can be working with a publisher or publishing your own content.

If you use our Godot Engine module / plug-in, GodotSteam, we will append your episode links to your game listing in the documentation.

What we'll need

After we set up a date and time to do the discussion, we'll need a few other things from you to package up the episode.

All relevant links you want posted for promotion, such as Steam store,, Twitter, dev-logs, personal websites, etc.

Lastly, either an image of you, your studio logo, or some other agreed upon image that can be hand-drawn for the episode's cover art. And yes, you can feel free to use it elsewhere if you like!

We look forward to chatting!