Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  Today we’re updating Into Oblivion with the St. Paddy’s Day event which adds a new bot, new skins, new achievements, new drinks, and a new arena.  There are also some refinements under the hood to boot!

Here is the modest change log too:

  • Added: St. Patrick’s day skins
  • Added: Timothy the Leprechaun bot
  • Added: new St. Patrick’s day arena
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six new St. Patrick’s day themed drinks
  • Changed: the “made with Godot” splash screen
  • Changed: unlocking system under the hood
  • Changed: cleaned up some unused variables and code
  • Fixed: missing click sound in statistics section

We are also gearing up for the version 2.0 which will introduce an upgraded engine and tons of changes to almost everything (yes, even the networking stuff).  Stay tuned and happy St. Paddy’s!

Today I’m showing a bit more of Super Cuddle Argument Party.  This video shows the sun who watches down over each match; particularly his idling animation.  As the match goes on, if the monster starts getting the upper hand, the sun will become more concerned looking.  If the monster actually gets really far ahead, the sun will lose his flame and light (for a future video).

More to come next week!