Hey, dope fiends!  Today we are adding the Android Edition’s APK file to The Stash DLC.  Anyone who has the DLC package will see an update which contains the APK file.  You may need to allow your phone to install APK’s from unknown sources though.  Any time we update the Android Edition, you can find the new APK file in your DLC folder.

If you have played more than two hours on the PC version, you can still visit https://dope.coaguco.com/redeem.php to get a free code to download the game on Google Play store.  However, currently it has been removed from Google Play by Google for “promoting illegal activities”, so those codes won’t work until our appeal goes through.  If or when.

We will keep you posted either way.

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  We are just dropping a little knowledge about the release date for Into Oblivion… which is July 30th!

We are currently working the kinks out of the last few multiplayer modes and adding some polish. We do, however, expect some bugs to escape us; as is tradition.

After release we play to put out a demo for folks to try the game in single-player mode and a few surprises after that.

More soon!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are putting out the first version of the multiplayer for beta. That being said, a few things aren’t working just yet… like spectating and any other multiplayer mode -besides- One On One. Trying to start any other ones will result in a hard crash. However, you should be able to start servers, join servers, and all that.

If you find any bugs, please report them on the community page or to bugs@coaguco.com, as per usual. We expect there may be many.

Now we are focusing on getting spectator mode finished up and added in, then off to add the rest of the multiplayer modes. Then, of course, polish and release.

For those who are curious, here is the change log for this update:

  • Added: various sound effects
  • Added: master server to CoaguCo API system
  • Added: server list browser to join interface
  • Added: multiplayer status board for game lobbies
  • Added: One on One multiplayer mode to game
  • Added: multiplayer betting interface
  • Added: hooks for multiplayer achievements
  • Added: stage variable for easier iteration
  • Added: all missing achievement hooks for singleplayer
  • Added: functionality to deal with ties
  • Added: trophy to game over scene
  • Changed: hosting games require you to set game mode before opening host lobby
  • Changed: removed unused Tutorial script
  • Changed: optimized some code
  • Changed: player talking animation duration and frames
  • Fixed: forfeit not working correctly
  • Fixed: multiplayer match updating singleplayer lifetime count
  • Fixed: lobby chat not working at all
  • Fixed: missing mouse cursor graphic
  • Fixed: changing “participation” as client changed it on host and other clients
  • Fixed: weird bug where in Options ‘Windowed’ was replaced by 'Vitals’
  • Fixed: chat bubbles not showing up correctly
  • Fixed: player being able to join server when game is in progress

More soon!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Hot on the heels of the v0.3 update we are releasing another. This time we have enabled the tutorial mode for single player.

It will walk you through each section of the match and explain things, we think, as well as can be explain. It can be played at any time from the lobby menu; you know, in case you want to do it again and again.

We are also prepping the demo since there isn’t anything that needs added for that, just cut out. And, of course, version 0.4 with multiplayer right before release.

Here is the tiny change log:

  • Added: tutorial mode for single player
  • Changed: end of match wrap text to center
  • Fixed: box graphic