Hey there! Today we are releasing the version 0.2.3 update to Into Oblivion’s beta. There is a lot of new stuff in here with more coming and this is the last update before we add multiplayer in for testing and polish. Plus this is the last update before we open up the beta to more players; including anyone who snags and early copy from Itch.io!

Here is the ol’ change log if you are curious about what is different:

  • Added: display the round numbers
  • Added: “white out” animation at end of match
  • Added: player inviting message
  • Added: show unlocked skins and arenas after beating certain bots
  • Added: hover-over for player 2, player 3, and player 4
  • Added: match turn limits; single-player now ends after round 10, multiplayer is variable
  • Added: can set match turn limits during multiplayer setup
  • Added: new achievement “From The Grave”
  • Added: match scores; various things add to your score, highest score wins
  • Added: character save after leaving the shop
  • Added: custom cursor
  • Added: proper pause/quit menu for single-player
  • Added: ability for game to read additional launch parameters
  • Changed: invite players now opens a dialog to select from Steam friends online
  • Changed: streamlined hover code for intoxicants and ingredients in HUD
  • Changed: moved status effect message
  • Changed: replaced player names with player avatars
  • Changed: who starts match banner sizes
  • Changed: back button now only takes you to the main menu
  • Changed: restored chat in multiplayer
  • Changed: message when player joins match then goes back to normal
  • Fixed: player’s money not showing up correctly in Shop
  • Fixed: weird black border on opening animation
  • Fixed: issues with player 1 status effect hover-over
  • Fixed: status effect duration
  • Fixed: issues with certain achievements not firing
  • Fixed: item name and price still show up after purchase
  • Fixed: update the player money when store opens or purchase is made
  • Fixed: items purchased not becoming active
  • Fixed: pause/quit menu not working correctly
  • Removed: Steam overlay invite system

Hey there. Today we are releasing the v0.2.2 update for the game, still knee-deep in beta. For those curious, here is the change log of all the stuff update:

  • Added: new match intro for single player
  • Added: text and lock status to arenas
  • Added: text and lock status to appearances
  • Added: locked message if you try to leave selection section with a locked asset selected
  • Added: The Dope Game players’ special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: Raise Your Own Clone players’ special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: One Way To Die players’ special outfits / unlockables
  • Added: 9 new items
  • Added: Shady Merchant’s shop to spend your money
  • Added: 30 items to the Shady Merchant’s shop
  • Added: 4 new residues
  • Added: 3 new Intoxicants
  • Added: 16 new recipes
  • Changed: Tipsy Ballerina recipe to cause double health damage for duration
  • Changed: realigned item spritesheet
  • Changed: AI brew “considering” animation
  • Changed: lobby layout is greatly different
  • Changed: functions for arena changing
  • Changed: realigned status/intoxicant spritesheet
  • Changed: tweaked bot AI to include new recipes
  • Changed: functions for appearance changing
  • Changed: a few small corrections to some character textures
  • Changed: reworked menu animations
  • Changed: additional small code “clean ups”
  • Fixed: arena changes not adding to favorites
  • Fixed: hair textures being over top of vomit textures
  • Fixed: loading screen glitch

The game should still be on track for release this summer and we will have a broader public beta in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Hey, dope fiends! We reached out to ask folks about a sequel and got some good feedback so we are now starting the very early pre-development stages. Basically that is fleshing out ideas and mechanics in writing and lots of discussion. This is not making assets, engine stuff, or any programming. Yet.

We are currently getting through Into Oblivion’s beta for hopeful release this summer then moving into Haulin’ Oats full time. And after that… Kitten Simulator. The Dope Game sequel would be slated to go into full-time production after that. We are talking 2018 probably.

If you’d like to give your two cents, we have started a new discussion thread about it here!

We will keep posting updates there when we have them and make a website next year once production hits full-swing!

Hey, dope fiends! A few folks have asked or mentioned us porting the game over to mobile. So we’re asking more of you guys if that would be something of interest.

If so it would be Android only. Why? Look into Apple’s iOS development hellscape and you’ll know why.

Would it be worth our time to port the game?