Hey there, death-seekers. So the redux version of the game is nearly ready and we decided to drop a post about how the new sabotage system works.

If you remember, the old system allowed one random player to set “traps”, per page, that all other players would run across in their game. Collectively the players could un-set traps and, after enough were un-set, that would boot the saboteur and randomly select another. Well, that system didn’t work too well and caused a lot of network traffic for our server; mostly through poor optimization.

We later revamped it to do more of a community pool of traps that updated more slowly and allowed players to earn more saboteur points faster. This is what the current version of the game is using and isn’t really what we wanted to do.

With the upcoming version of the game and a new version of GodotSteam, we can finally have the sabotage system more like we intended. So when you boot the game up and click play, you’ll have a new game mode called Sabotage.

Selecting this will bring up a server list of available games you can join and sabotage. When a saboteur joins, they will appear in the lower right-hand corner of the HUD. There will also be a five second cooldown after a page displays before the player can make a choice; this gives the saboteur time to “trap” one of the available options, making it blood red on their screen. The player, unaware of which choice is trapped, will pick one as normal but if it is the same as the saboteur then they will die automatically. Picking a choice that isn’t trapped will count against the saboteur and after ten successes it will banish the saboteur from the game.

All of this can be turned off in the Options sub-menu, of course.

We will be putting the new version of the game into a beta branch in the next few weeks to let you guys try it out before full release. We will make another post once we get the beta branch up and have a firm date on when the update will be ready.

Stay tuned!

Hey folks! Since the redux version of One Way To Die is entering the testing phase, we figured it was a good time to talk a bit more about it.

What’s New
All of the graphics are getting updated along with splash screens; an attempt to match the art styles with our newer stuff. The player character, Jenkins, will also be featured more visibly. Some animations have been added to break up the monotony as well. And there will be some new music.

There is a new story mode which will restructure how the game flows. There will be somewhat more paths to take, with possible ends at the usual array of deaths. The writing will also get a punch up. Once story mode is beaten, it will unlock the older choose mode and, of course, when that is beaten you can play random mode. Oh, and there is a new achievement for beating all three.

Statistics and leaderboards have been expanded. Some additional content has been added to the deluxe edition as well, with more goodies being added after launch.

We’re updating the trading cards (which are still all janky), the wallpapers, emoticons, and related stuff. The trailers are also being redone.

Finally controller support might make it in before we update but might be added shortly after… depending.

When’s It Coming
It should be out at the end of August or beginning of September barring any weird issues we hit before then. If there is a delay we’ll probably write more about it. When there is a definite launch date, it’ll get posted.

See you then!

Hey long-haul truckers! We are gearing up to finally release a playable alpha to folks and wanted to talk about it a little.

Everyone who was cast or crew on the game will get an Itch.io key for a free copy once the playable alpha is ready. You/they will, of course, get a Steam key once that is released too. Those of you looking to help support the game and snag an early alpha key will get the opportunity at that time. The game will sell for a very discounted price and allow those of you willing to jump in early to try it out and gives suggestions as we move into beta. Once we hit beta the price will go up and again at release.

Just so you’re aware, we will not be doing a Steam Early Access release but builds will still be available over there while we go through the beta process.

We will have more information as we get closer to the date. Given that we are also working on the redux version of One Way To Die, the targeted time-frame for playable alpha is probably somewhere around the end of Summer. See you soon!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are releasing the version 1.6.0 update which contains the Easter event!  This has new skins, achievements, a bot, arena, and more.  The event runs until April 27th to beat H.H. Bunny and keep your Easter unlocks (well, until next year this time).

Here is the change log for those who know:

  • Added: new bot - H.H. Bunny
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six special holiday drinks
  • Added: new holiday arena
  • Added: new Easter skins
  • Fixed: missing holiday flags in save file
  • Fixed: avatar head spacing in multiplayer
  • Fixed: need for flag to stop rechecking Steam stats

Next up is the infamous Brewmaster expansion!  More on that this summer!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  Today we’re updating Into Oblivion with the St. Paddy’s Day event which adds a new bot, new skins, new achievements, new drinks, and a new arena.  There are also some refinements under the hood to boot!

Here is the modest change log too:

  • Added: St. Patrick’s day skins
  • Added: Timothy the Leprechaun bot
  • Added: new St. Patrick’s day arena
  • Added: two new achievements
  • Added: six new St. Patrick’s day themed drinks
  • Changed: the “made with Godot” splash screen
  • Changed: unlocking system under the hood
  • Changed: cleaned up some unused variables and code
  • Fixed: missing click sound in statistics section

We are also gearing up for the version 2.0 which will introduce an upgraded engine and tons of changes to almost everything (yes, even the networking stuff).  Stay tuned and happy St. Paddy’s!