Hey anonymous alcoholics!  We are issuing an update to fix a few glitches in our Halloween event update.  It is mostly graphical stuff but here is the change log in case you’re curious:

  • Fixed: avatar skin layer misalignment
  • Fixed: unlocks for beating box misaligned
  • Fixed: extra digit in achievement name
  • Fixed: issue with arena background loading
  • Fixed: issue with eyelids
  • Fixed: issue with Jack’s body sprites
  • Fixed: avatar unlock frame for beating Jack

Hey dope fiends!  The annual Halloween event is now live!  It will run from today all the way until November 2nd.

If you didn’t play it last year, it changes up all the areas of Starkham to Halloween-themed versions.  Even the NPCs are getting in the mood and have dressed up in costumes.  There is even a candy side-quest to get an achievement available.  And, last but not least, all the drug names have been changed to candy names.

So go out there and slang that sugar!

Hey anonymous alcoholics!  Today we are releasing the Halloween Event update for Into Oblivion. It contains a new holiday bot, new arena, a bunch of new Halloween-themed skins, a new achievement, and some other minor changes.  The DLC even got a new wallpaper added.

The Halloween event starts today, October 28th, and runs until November 2nd.  You can always change your clock back if you miss it and want to unlock the holiday stuff.

Here is the modest change log:

  • Added: Halloween event bot and arena
  • Added: various new Halloween themed skins
  • Added: new Halloween achievement - Full Mooned
  • Changed: small bits of code for efficiency
  • Changed: bot match lengths to 10, 12, 134, 16, 18, 20 (in order)
  • Changed: upgraded engine to Godot 3.0.6

Happy drinking and happy Halloween!