Why hello, sweetlings.  It is time for another week of development diary entries for Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game.  Also I will be taking the following week off of development to do some real-life stuff instead and will be changing the dev diary schedule to twice a month (every other week).  Yes, the applause is deafening but please remain calm… here are this week’s updates.

Haulin’ Oats

This week was all about getting that multiplayer up and running.  As you can see below, something that was visible in the current alpha (I think) is the hosting settings.  These are now functional.


All of the lobby set-up functionality as well as server list functionality is now in the next alpha build.  In-lobby chat also works.  Still tinkering with kicking players from the lobby though.  Avatars should show up next to each player too.

Now the focus is shifting to making the game playable.  Luckily there were hooks already for bots / remote players, so it’s just all about adding in the client-server functions to talk to these.

When the next alpha version hits, this should all be ready to go.  Expect that, probably, in August at some point.

The Dope Game Remaster

Combat was the name of the game this week.  And a lot of changes were made since the last version, like armor, multiple enemies, better healing, etc.


So yes, armor is now a thing.  It will be depleted before health except on criticals.  It can be purchased from Pinky or the Shady Merchant.

You can also now heal your crew in combat from the heal menu.  This will hopefully keep them in better shape during rough fights.  And speaking of rough fights, NPCs can now call in allies; there can be up to five different opponents in one fight.

There were also some minor tweaks to rewards, how buttons are laid out (no more accidental surrender), and more.

That’s it for now.  More in two weeks!

Hello, friends! We are gathered here today for yet another development diary for Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game remaster.  No time to dally, let’s get into it.

Haulin’ Oats

This week not a whole lot of exciting stuff got done for Haulin’ Oats.  Mostly worked on improving things under the hood as well as completing more cards for the game; given there are currently 75 cards per deck planned.


Despite all the art still needed, my goal is to move ahead and get the multiplayer functional for alpha v0.0.3 then backtrack to the issues list and get those ironed out.

Oh, and per last post, here is something for the quickest of you who actually reads these things (9YXL6-VCPVL-KGER7).  There will be three more popping up in randomly places.  Or maybe they are actually in this dev diary entry but different in the other places it is officially posted?  Hmm.

The Dope Game Remaster

The Dope Game got a lot of love this week.  More restructuring of the underlying code happened to make things more efficient.  Basically gutting the whole system.  This ended up happening because of a few more features added to the game from The Dope Game 2, as tests.

Like you’ll notice in this screenshot.  You can actually donate a few “unneeded” organs to make some cash; some with unintended side-effects.  You can also now treat conditions, primarily the one you get when the old lady on the bus sticks a syringe into your neck.  Additionally you can now heal your crew members at the hospital.

There are some other new features that will be covered next week along with related screenshots to really give you a visual of what is new.  Lastly the Russian version of the game may be delayed a bit longer due to the new script not being complete and getting those changes in place.  However, it shouldn’t be delayed too much.

Well, that’s it for this week.  More coming soon!

Hey, my dearest reader.  The Steam Game Festival is now over and the Steam summer sale is upon us.  With a week off from dev diaries there is a bit to talk about, but it’ll be short and sweet.

Haulin’ Oats

A big thanks to all the folks who checked out the demo during the Steam Game Festival.  I got some decent feedback and glad people enjoyed it.  The demo will reappear closer to the full release this fall.

Armed with new details, the next alpha version should be out in early July.  I’m aiming to have achievements functional as well as stats and some more glitches ironed out.  Maybe, if we’re lucky, have multiplayer functional too.

Also I will be giving out four (4) beta keys to some folks during the Steam Summer Sale starting this coming Monday.  Keep an eye out on the CoaguCo Twitter account, the CoaguCo Steam group, and the Haulin’ Oats community page.

The Dope Game Remaster

Now that the Steam Game Festival is over, work has resumed on The Dope Game’s remastered version.  As you can see below, all the characters are looking pretty for the new version.

More assets are being drawn every day and I’m trying not to chuck in any more features from The Dope Game 2.  Though the idea is to have a few just to test how they will work for the sequel.  Working on the game again at this level has been fun.  Hopefully the beta version will be out in July at some point; probably near the end of the month.

I’ve also been trying to get feedback on how to approach the remaster version; things like:

  • Make it a new app?
  • Make it a full update for the main game but with a new, higher price?
  • Make it a full update for the main game but at the same price?
  • Make it a DLC?

Time yet to figure it out.  Feel free to throw in your 2 cents!

Until next time!

Why hello.  I see you are here for yet another development diary for Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game remaster.  Well, no reason to waste any time, please sit down.

Haulin’ Oats

Have we discussed this before?  The Steam Game Festival?  Surely we did.  Either way, it starts next Tuesdays and the demo will be available during that week.

As you can see here, the gameplay trailer for the store page is live!  Speaking of, the store page is also active currently.  You can go over and check out all the details and wishlist if it you so choose.

This week was spent polishing up both the demo and alpha v0.0.2 for the masses.  Which reminds me, if you are in the cast, crew, a guest, or an early adopter, your Steam keys are now available in Itch.io!  While you can redeem them now, you will have to wait until Monday night to get a hold of the new alpha version.

If you are none of these people, you can just download the very limited demo on Tuesday!

The Dope Game Remaster

Sidelined yet again, The Dope Game remaster saw very little work this week.  However, things will resume to normal after the Steam Game Festival is over.

In the meantime, here is a screenshot of the new bus map.  It shows off the new location: the Starkham Docks.  It includes a new NPC and sub-location: Jenkins, from One Way To Die and Into Oblivon, and The Bootleg Distillery.

Both are a tie-in to Into Oblivion’s upcoming DLC: The Brewmaster.  More on that later this year though.

Well, that’s it for now.  It’ll be radio silence next week due to the SGF but I’ll be over there doing stuff!

Hey there, cool cats and cats.  Another week has come, ushering in another brief update on what’s going on with Haulin’ Oats and The Dope Game remaster.  Here we go.

Haulin’ Oats

So the Steam Game Festival has been pushed back to June 16th - June 22nd.  That’s a whole other week of additional polish for the demo and whatnot.

As you can see above, the trailer for the Steam Game Festival is already live.  It is a spoof on old Wilford Brimley Quaker Oats commercials.  A huge shout-out to Stephen Knowles for his awesome narration in the trailer.  Also a huge shout-out to El Castor for the music track in the background (which is used in the game too).

The game’s Steam store page will be active this weekend after a few tweaks.  Since the game is still in alpha, it will probably change a few times before release.

Despite the Steam Game Festival being pushed back, the next alpha will be out next week and keys will go out.  The demo will still be locked until the 16th.

The Dope Game Remaster

As mentioned last week, there is very little news about The Dope Game as all time was focused on getting Haulin’ Oats ready.  That being said, a little more work was done on the underlying systems and doing a few play-tests on the upcoming beta version.

Next week there will be more Dope Game news and even more Haulin’ Oats news.  Stay tuned!