Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Hot on the heels of the v0.3 update we are releasing another. This time we have enabled the tutorial mode for single player.

It will walk you through each section of the match and explain things, we think, as well as can be explain. It can be played at any time from the lobby menu; you know, in case you want to do it again and again.

We are also prepping the demo since there isn’t anything that needs added for that, just cut out. And, of course, version 0.4 with multiplayer right before release.

Here is the tiny change log:

  • Added: tutorial mode for single player
  • Changed: end of match wrap text to center
  • Fixed: box graphic

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are releasing the long-awaited (probably) beta update to v0.3! This includes a complete overhaul of the rule system, swapping out the shots half-time for Midnight, and tons of tweaks. Like lots. Tutorial mode and multiplayer are still not functional just yet but will be in the next update which should be in about two weeks or so.

We are expecting a launch in July after testing the next update. If you are a beta tester, please check out this version and let us know of any bugs you find in single player mode. If you’re not a beta tester but want to be, you can get a pre-purchase copy of the game over at Itch.

We also update the Steam store page, the Itch.io store page, added a new gameplay trailer to reflect all the changes, and are also getting the demo sorted out for folks to try.

Here is the change log, for those curious:

  • Added: master volume to options and hotkey
  • Added: new item - Booger
  • Added: 68 new drink recipes
  • Added: alternate sides shirt sprites so text shows up the right way
  • Added: other game ownership to menu
  • Added: additional vomit sprites for players 3 and 4
  • Added: Midnight as a half-time game
  • Added: initial version of bot AI for dice
  • Added: correct backgrounds show when playing against bots
  • Added: bots talking shit before match
  • Added: two more tracks by Macabre Gandhi
  • Added: half-time badge animation
  • Changed: engine version to Godot 3
  • Changed: opening splash logo for Godot
  • Changed: new item images
  • Changed: item slug is now snail
  • Changed: rule structure for the game
  • Changed: play box sprite
  • Changed: all player positions to be more normal
  • Changed: rearranged HUD layouts for singleplayer and multiplayer
  • Changed: some achievements
  • Changed: updated shop item sprites
  • Changed: moved menu version text around
  • Changed: moved Steam message on menu
  • Changed: removed Residues and mixed them into Intoxicants
  • Changed: reduced vomiting “drunk heal” from 3 to 2
  • Changed: various modifications to bot AI
  • Changed: vomit sprites
  • Changed: round counter to show “dealing/bartending” turn
  • Changed: purchased items/cards from Shop are now Sleeve Cards
  • Changed: death animation slightly so player stumbles back
  • Changed: removed unused animations
  • Changed: removed shot taking half-time game
  • Changed: match end message location and text
  • Fixed: sprite order for clothing
  • Fixed: missing check for achievement On The Edge when dying from vomiting
  • Fixed: file name for shop item sprites
  • Fixed: position glitch in loading animation
  • Fixed: minor miscount on shop item total
  • Fixed: incorrect count on Mixologist achievement
  • Fixed: missing global stat for Shots
  • Fixed: some grammatical and spelling errors in blurbs
  • Fixed: game updating match number during half-time
  • Fixed: missing money increase on winning a bet
  • Fixed: missing bot puke score updates

That’s it for now! More soon!

Hey, dope fiends!  So we talked a bit about making a sequel a while back and got some suggestions from you folk.  Afterward, we looked at the game and some other related things and started jotting down ideas.  Now, it seems we have enough material to start moving forward with development!

Casting Call
Before we get into the details that we can share, let’s talk about character models.  In the original, some close friends were turned into the characters you dealt with or killed.  In the sequel, we need a whole hell of a lot more.

If you are interested in being a character in the game, drop us a like at dope@coaguco.com and we’ll give you the photo requirements and further details!

Speaking of character models, here is what Phyllis looks like in the sequel.

Back To Starkham
So this time around we are going to let you explore more of Blannington state, seven cities to be exact.  Some have been mentioned in The Dope Game already, others mentioned in others games we made.  Nonetheless, you can now slang and more in each.

The game, this time around, relies heavily on a reputation system.  Not only for each city, but each district and each character.  Getting high or low reputation will unlock new activities and opportunities.

Multiplayer is now a thing.  You can play the traditional “timed” matches (15 days, 30 days, etc.) in singleplayer or invite others to compete against.  There will also be two other major game modes, both of them multiplayer.

Gangs will also debut.  You can start up persistent gangs in the game, comprised of both NPC characters and other players.  You can make bases, share resources, and wage war against others.  You can even betray gangs from the inside.

There is a bunch more going on and what we’ve mentioned thus far is a bit vague.  However, as development ramps up we will discuss it more in detail.

Street Loyalty And Retirement
As per usual, we are adding bonuses in for people who own our previous games.  Those won’t be discussed here yet and we aren’t 100% sure what they’ll be currently.

The Retirement Update from The Dope Game let you save money towards The Dope Game 2.  In the beginning of time in Starkham, you’ll be able to access those funds or the consequences there of.

We are at the tail end of wrapping up Into Oblivion and in the alpha stages with Haulin’ Oats.  That being said, The Dope Game 2 probably won’t get a lot of development time until this winter.  However, we will be updating folks on the process as we go.  Stay tuned!

Hey, dope fiends! The day has come and the final content update for The Dope Game is upon; we present to you, the Retirement update.

Not a whole hell of a lot was added outside of the new retirement function at the First Bank of Starkham. This allows you to permanently, at the maximum rate of $100,000,000, put back money for use in The Dope Game 2 (more on that below). There is no maximum amount for your retirement, but be aware that the bigger that value gets the more scrutiny it will be under by the Feds.

Quick Sale

Oh, the game is now 50% off for today only on both Steam (starting at 10AM) and Itch (starting at midnight).

Anniversary Gifts

And a few small gifts for the quicker among you. If you own the game, share it with a friend. But quickly.

Change Log

This update also includes some bug fixes and other small things. Oh, and we dropped support for 32-bit Linux and Mac; you really should be on 64-bit anyway. Here is the change log to explain:

  • Added: retirement option to bank
  • Added: Russian version of retirement buttons
  • Added: endings section for statistics
  • Added: new achievement - 401(K)
  • Added: text color change on errors in banking interface
  • Changed: music max and minimum values in options and globally
  • Changed: made with Godot splash screen
  • Changed: various bits of code for performance
  • Changed: updates to API system
  • Changed: statistics area to compensate for more stuff
  • Changed: updated Steamworks API stuff
  • Changed: player cannot select location they are on map, prevents getting trapped
  • Changed: dropped support for Linux 32-bit and Mac 32-bit
  • Fixed: glitch where game would crash if player sold all but 1 of a drug

The Dope Game 2

If you’re been poking around our updates and forums, you’ll see that the sequel has been discussed and is currently begin designed. We are having an announcement for that next week sometime with more details and a casting call for character models (if you want to be in the game as a character keep an eye out).

If you want to throw in your two cents, head over to the official discussion here:


Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  These are the patch notes for the last beta update we did.  It is a bit after the fact considering v0.3.0 is coming very soon.  But here we go:

  • Added: tutorial hints on your first game
  • Added: 51 new recipes
  • Added: 1 new residue
  • Added: multi-player matches back in
  • Added: two new pages to drink book
  • Added: show ingredients player is adding/subtracting to brewer, in multiplayer
  • Added: pressing ENTER will join given IP, if entered
  • Added: last 10 achievements
  • Added: midnight as a half-time game
  • Added: badge to half-time winner’s avatar
  • Added: half-time message during rolling
  • Added: separate hand for dice rolling animations during halftime
  • Changed: various signal connecting in lobby scene
  • Changed: updated bot AI in drink selection
  • Changed: bots Marsch, Sweaty Mike, and Jenkins can now use any items
  • Changed: lists and scripting for drinks, residues, intoxicants, and ingredients
  • Changed: message now shows up when connection fails
  • Changed: lobby ready mechanic
  • Changed: replaced betting options with role options in Setup
  • Changed: match setup options don’t appear until player actually joins host
  • Fixed: statistics not saving correctly
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in brewer script
  • Fixed: incorrect drink recipes in drink book
  • Fixed: half-time liquor bottles contents
  • Fixed: pants over shoes in player 1 set up
  • Fixed: Steam invite string when accepting invites
  • Fixed: some achievements unlocked by default
  • Fixed: weird line through match start-up screen
  • Fixed: spelling mistake on achievement description
Big changes in our last beta, coming to a bar near you soon!