Hey, dope fiends! We reached out to ask folks about a sequel and got some good feedback so we are now starting the very early pre-development stages. Basically that is fleshing out ideas and mechanics in writing and lots of discussion. This is not making assets, engine stuff, or any programming. Yet.

We are currently getting through Into Oblivion’s beta for hopeful release this summer then moving into Haulin’ Oats full time. And after that… Kitten Simulator. The Dope Game sequel would be slated to go into full-time production after that. We are talking 2018 probably.

If you’d like to give your two cents, we have started a new discussion thread about it here!

We will keep posting updates there when we have them and make a website next year once production hits full-swing!

Hey, dope fiends! A few folks have asked or mentioned us porting the game over to mobile. So we’re asking more of you guys if that would be something of interest.

If so it would be Android only. Why? Look into Apple’s iOS development hellscape and you’ll know why.

Would it be worth our time to port the game?

Steam Summer Sale!

Hey there!  We forgot to post about the current Steam Summer Sale that is going on now.  You get get our games (though one is slightly cheaper on Itch.io) at a discount!

The Dope Game is $1.19 or 40% off!

The Dope Game: The Stash DLC is $0.59 or 40% off!

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is $1.19 or 40% off!

Raise Your Own Clone is $0.69 or 30% off!

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is $0.49 or 51% off!

We aren’t doing a bundle of all the games on Steam, but we do one on Itch.io!  Happy summer sales!