We are wheeling out the redux version of our first Steam game, One Way To Die, this spring. Both the free regular version and deluxe edition will get updated; though the deluxe will end up with a few more extra features. Here is some of what we have going on:

  • New content like more deaths
  • Various re-writes and update to existing content
  • All-new graphics
  • New story mode
  • Re-worked random and choice modes
  • New leaderboard system
  • New sabotage system
  • And more!

Our hero, Jenkins, first seen in our newest game Into Oblivion, will be more visibly present in this version. New mechanics added to the story mode will make your choices actually mean something instead of being a crap shoot. And make achievement spamming a lot more tricky.

Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the date, including more screenshots and such.

Hey death-seekers! Today we are pushing out another small patch for the game that fixes the log file naming and a few tweaks to achievements. Here is the change log for the curious:

  • Fixed: name for logging file
  • Fixed: issues with some achievements

We’re still gearing up with a large content update / overhaul that will make many significant changes to the game as and add in some new stuff for everyone. There is a planned announcement with specifics coming at the end of February so stay tuned!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! We are squeaking out a super tiny update to fix an issue with the Upgrayedd achievement. Specifically for people who earned it prior to the last patch.

When you enter the Shop, the game will look to see if you have earned that achievement and fire it. It had to be added since when you buy the last needed upgrade, it would check and fire so anyone who earned it prior to the fix was kinda fucked.

Here is the obligatory change log:

  • Added: secondary check for Upgrayedd achievement when opening the Shop