Hey, dope fiends!  If you played the game longer than two hours, you are eligible to receive a free Google Play code for the Android edition of the game.  Just go here to get one: https://dope.coaguco.com/#redeem

Those of you who remember, we did this before Google took the game down due to some unnamed slight against their incredibly vague rules.  Now that the game is back up, we are giving away codes again.

If you were one of the folks who had purchased the Android edition previously, please contact us at support@coaguco.com so we can get you a new code for this version.  Thanks!

Hey there! Today we are pushing a super small patch to the game which doesn’t really affect anything that you’d notice. For the most part it is just small changes to the game’s code to bring it up to where our current codebase is.

However, one thing you might notice if you were around last year is that the holiday gift interface is gone. For those who don’t know, the system would sometimes gift you a Steam key for one of our other games (provided you didn’t already own them). Since we are removing that system, we will be doing something different this holiday season.

That being said, for those curious, here is the rather tiny and not very informative change log:

  • Changed: some small code changes
  • Removed: holiday gift interface

Hey, junior scientists! Today we are push a super small update for Raise Your Own Clone. These changes do not affect anything noticeable in-game and are more under-the-hood.

The only thing you may or may not notice is that the holiday gift interface has been stripped out. If you don’t know what that is, it was a system where every holiday season our server may randomly give you a key to one of our other games on Steam. Since it is now removed, we will do something different this upcoming holiday season!

Here is the tiny change log, as is tradition:

  • Changed: some small code changes
  • Removed: holiday gift interface

Hey, dope fiends! We are pushing a very small update to the game which mostly changes two things. First it adds full-sized buttons to the dialog choices so you don’t have to click on the small arrows anymore. Personally, I always hated that and now it is way better. Second, we removed the holiday gift interface. For those who didn’t know, sometimes when you booted up the game during the holiday season our server would sometimes send you a Steam key for one of our games. We will be doing something new this season instead!

For those curious, here is the minor change log:

  • Added: full-sized buttons for dialog choices
  • Changed: small code updates
  • Removed: holiday gift system (not related to holiday in-game mechanic)

Haulin’ Oats - Progress Post

Hey there!  Today we are posting about the progress on Haulin’ Oats, which is our next game up to bat. If you don’t know much about it, it is a game about truck driving and oatmeal.  However, it started off as one thing and is now something entirely different; minus those two points.

Haulin’ Oats started off as an Oregon Trail-esque adventure where you picked a driver, co-pilot, and pet and set off across the US to deliver oatmeal to one of three cities then drive back.  Along the way you would find various characters, dangerous situations, and quests.

In our attempt to experiment with different genres of games and branch out, it was decided that the format of Haulin’ Oats would change a bit while keeping most of the content the same.  This led to it being redesigned as a digital board game.


As you can see here, the board has a bunch of different spaces that are set up like very tiny mini-games (other than card drawing spaces).  We kept the drivers, the co-pilots, the pets, all of the random encounters and events, but just chopped it all up different.


As you can see from the screenshot below, even the main menu is laid out like the inside of a board game box.  The WIP splash intro is also like the unboxing of board game to get it all ready to play.

We will have more screenshots and gameplay videos as we get closer to unveiling the playable alpha which will go out to our in-house testers.  Hopefully the next month after that we’ll have something available as a beta for folks to try out and on from there!  Stay tuned!