Hey, dope fiends!  Today is a good day for talking about the upcoming The Dope Game Remaster and The Dope Game 2.

As you can see from this image, from The Dope Game Remaster, the graphics have been redone on the locations and pretty much everything else.  The title itself has been altered to match the sequel’s title too.  Characters, avatars, and interfaces are also getting a touch-up.  Everything getting scaled up to 1440p as opposed to the original 1080p and, of course, done in the art style being used for our games currently.

The Dope Game Remaster will also have an upgraded engine which fixes a bunch of minor pains under the hood, though most of this is invisible to players.  What isn’t is a new multiplayer mode that serves as a test to some functionality in The Dope Game 2.

Multiplayer will allow up to 4 players to run around and compete against each other to sell the most drugs in the given time frame.  Killing NPCs will cut off other players from being able to use their services.  Player will also be able to fight each other or trade drugs and money.

The Dope Game Remaster will also have some minor additional features suggested by the community as well as polish to existing features including things like body armor and price tracking.

There isn’t a solid date yet but it should be out before Spring hits.  While this rather huge update is free to all existing players, we are considering a small price bump for new players and are looking to the community for feedback on this.

While we slog away at getting Haulin’ Oats up to beta, The Dope Game 2 prototype is being slowly built.  Built with graphical placeholders, the prototype is coming along nicely given it gets only one day a week.  There are a lot of suggestions from the community on what to add so we will talk a bit about what is all going in there.

All of the regular things from The Dope Game will be in the sequel but getting expanded over six different cities across the fictional state of Blannington.  Depending on a few things, players will start in different locations with different bonuses / penalties.  Transit will consider of buses, planes, and private cars; each having different travel times and mini-events.

Single-player will have a story mode that takes the player through a main campaign across all the cities while dealing and making money but also taking on quests.  Of course the standard timed mode will make a return.

Multiplayer will come in three flavors: timed mode, Drug Wars mode, and The Cartels.  Time mode in multiplayer is much like what The Dope Game is getting with the remaster update.  However, Drug Wars mode will allow some players to join the opposing team and fight against the dealers.  The Cartels mode is more of a persistent world, backed on our servers, that will allow players create empires and team up or fight each other.  They can even tap into a lot more of the end-game functionality.

All of the original NPCs make a comeback along with a pretty large roster of new characters, including ones you can hire for your gang.  Casting calls will start once we get Haulin’ Oats released and we’ll make more announcements about that when the time comes.

Lastly, players will be able to buy and sell more than just drugs, branching their empire out in various ways; even dipping into politics.  With end-game levels finally allowing players to spend their millions or billions on things that have more of an effect on the game world.

That’s it for the details we have now but there will be another post soon-ish with more details as we get closer to the Remaster release and The Dope Game 2′s first alpha test.  Stay tuned!

Hey, death-seekers! We have just issued an update to address a problem that has plagued us for some time… statistics.

The game will now rely on your local save file instead of pulling statistics from Steam unless you elect to sync them in the Options section. This should prevent stats from “disappearing” because Steam failed to send the data correctly.

There are also some minor QoL updates as well. In case your the curious type, here is the change log:

  • Added: tooltip hints to Options menu
  • Added: individual death numbers to save files
  • Added: missing Steam stats for mode plays
  • Added: “Now Choosing For” in title so player knows what page is next
  • Changed: graphics drivers back to GLES 3.0 with fallback to GLES 2.0 if needed
  • Changed: complete overhaul to stat saving and loading system
  • Changed: how the game calculates unique deaths
  • Changed: how the game checks achievements and saves stats
  • Changed: system does not check Steam by default when loading stats, now only when syncing
  • Fixed: Steam achievements only looking for 17 instead of 18
  • Fixed: stats section not showing all achievements if unlocked
  • Removed: stat dependency on Steam stats

More to come!

Hey, death-seekers! Today we are pushing a very tiny update to fix some issues with Choose Mode for the holiday event. There will be another larger patch later on to address the confusion around Choose Mode and what page you are on.

Here is the change log for the knowing:

  • Fixed: issue with choices on page 4 of Choose Mode
  • Fixed: numbers not visually resetting to 0 on Choose Mode

More to come!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics!  The X-Mas event is now going on in the game and the Krampus is out to spike your drink.  There is a holiday-themed event, bot, and two achievements active.

The wintery forest is the holiday arena that features the Krampus.  Beating him will unlock him as a playable skin as well as the forest as a playable arena.  There are also six holiday drinks that you can mix up; doing so will earn you a fancy, festive achievement.

The Brewmaster expansion, which adds a whole new game mode, is also coming sometime in early 2020, so watch out for that.

Happy holidays!

Hey, dope fiends!  The X-Mas holiday event is now live in the game.   Snow covers the city of Starkham and all the NPCs are getting festive.

On top of that there are two achievements available; one unlocked by a mini-game where you smash snowmen.  Even the drugs are getting in the spirit with temporarily changed names. Make sure to give gifts to each NPC you meet and get yourself another achievement.

Happy holidays!