Yeah, bitches, it’s that time of year again and we have games on sale all over the place.  We’ll start with the big one: Steam.

The Dope Game is 45% off.

The Dope Game: The Stash DLC is 40% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 49% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 51% off.

Valve has some restrictions on how low games can be sold for so One Way To Die has hit that.  Moving on to, here are the sales over there.

The CoaguCo Bundle (all three games) at 50% off.

The Dope Game: Dope Fiend Edition is 45% off.

Raise Your Own Clone is 35% off.

One Way To Die: Deluxe Edition is 75% off.

Also, the Halloween events are active in The Dope Game and One Way To Die, so get on that shit!

Hey, dope fiends. Today we are removing The Dope Game from Humble Store due to their acquisition by IGN. Humble has been cool to us and done good work so it kind of sucks to part ways but there are many concerns due to this buy-out, chief among them is a reviewer owning a storefront.

It surely won’t hurt their bottom line any but we didn’t feel comfortable giving a portion of our sales to IGN by way of Humble. We hope it works out for Humble and IGN stays hands off but time will tell.

In the meantime, the only places to snag our games will be Steam and… and like a few smaller places.

Hey, anonymous alcoholics.  The Steam store page for Into Oblivion is finally live as we get the last of the beta stuff ironed out.  The game should be out this month but, to prevent missing it, we aren’t giving an exact date just yet.

The community section is also now live for those of you who have beta access to report bugs or provide suggestions.  If you don’t have beta access, you can get it by pre-purchasing the game over at!

If you want to check out the game’s screenshots, trailers, and such, check out the store page.

More soon!

Hey, dope fiends! We’re updating the game with some minor but requested changes for your gaming pleasure. Also, if you have played the game longer than two hours, you can get a coupon for a free version of the brand new version of the game on Android!

Here is the change log to show you what’s up with the what’s up:

  • Added: max button to loan interface
  • Added: max button to hospital interface
  • Changed: HUD images
  • Changed: HUD text now better outlined
  • Fixed: missing “last paid” on Stashware when buying something
  • Fixed: double-click glitch on bus map

Hey, dope fiends!  For your mobile enjoyment (you fucking savage) we are updating the game with the following stuff:

  • Added max pay to loan interface
  • Added max heal to hospital interface
  • Changed lab stash interface for better touch support (probably)
  • Fixed Shady Merchant’s interface
  • Fixed profit / history sign to show correct change
  • Fixed double-tap glitch
  • Fixed weird glitch in combat HUD