Hey, long-haul truckers!  Just putting out an update with some new screenshots for the upcoming playable alpha sometime this winter.

Things like the Incident card are shown here.  Usually selecting one of these means something bad is going to happen to you and, for the most part, only you.  Or, you know, your co-pilot or pet.

Here is the initial dice roll that kicks off the game.  New pieces were made for the current version of the alpha, names were added to the HUD when no status effects were present, and a lap meter was added to.

The turn order interface has been updated as well.

Currently slogging through the decent-sized bug list, crushing them out, before letting folks get a crack at playing.

More soon!

Hey death-seekers! Today we are updating the game to version 5.2 which mostly focuses on multiplayer improvements as well as some other fixes.

Some points of interest are things like you can now see the saboteur’s trap kills and broken traps in the HUD. The timer graphics have been moved around. An item description now shows up when you hover over any HUD item or icon.

For the curious, here are the change log notes:

  • Added: item description on hover
  • Added: hud icons to show saboteur’s kills
  • Changed: flashlight reactivates if player dies
  • Changed: set default sound / music level to half normal; doesn’t affect pre-update levels
  • Changed: temporarily disable flashlight on death screen to prevent selection
  • Changed: host clearing death / immunity message clears it for saboteur too
  • Changed: location of lock timer
  • Fixed: flashlight drop check even if player has flashlight
  • Fixed: accepting invite while not in-game doesn’t connect to
  • Fixed: issue with joining game from friends list
  • Fixed: lack of hooks for various saboteur stats
  • Fixed: splash intro not honoring user-set sound levels
  • Removed: old unused scenes and assets

More to come!

Hey dope-fiends! This winter we will be pushing the “final” quality of life update for The Dope Game. The update will include things like:

  • New graphics
  • Minor changes in the HUD
  • Minor changes to interface controls
  • Controller support
  • A new secret feature
  • Minor refinements to Stashware
  • Minor refinements to combat
  • Minor refinements to inventory
  • A few small additions to The Stash DLC

The QoL update should be out some time this winter; most likely Q1 2020. Leading up to, of course…

Yep, The Dope Game 2 should be playable early-to-mid 2020. Art is being created, the base system is almost ready, and the majority of design is finished. This includes many of the ideas you guys put forth in our sequel thread.

An early access version will be available, once the playable alpha is ready, to let players test the system, help us make changes, and stress-test server capabilities. We expect almost all modes to be available.

Character modeling recruitment will also open up this winter to fill all the missing roles. For more information on being a character in the sequel, contact us at dopegame2@coaguco.com for details.

We will have more information on the game available this winter with details on modes, multiplayer, etc. Stay tuned!

Hey death-seekers! Today we are pushing the version 5.1 update which fixes some achievement issues for folks and adjusts them for the new sabotage mode. There is even a little bonus for deluxe edition owners in the form of three new wallpapers.

Here is the change log for those curious:

  • Added: missing stats to Stats section
  • Added: three new wallpapers to the deluxe edition
  • Changed: location of death category in Stats section
  • Changed: requirements for most Saboteur achievements
  • Fixed: some death stats being in the wrong spots on Stats section
  • Fixed: purging Steam data message was incorrect
  • Fixed: achievement ‘The Returned’ not firing when main menu starts
  • Fixed: how the game factors mode plays
  • Fixed: some Steam statistics not updating correctly

More to come, most likely!

Hey, death-seekers! We are making a super small update to the game today that will swap it from GLES 3.0 to GLES 2.0. This shouldn’t affect anyone except for people with Intel GPU’s or older graphics cards that aren’t capable of OpenGL 3+.

We are also taking notes on what to change in the next patch; mostly achievements. Since the sabotage system has been revamped in version 5.0, a lot of the sabotage-related achievements are nigh-impossible to obtain. We will be making some modifications to the requirements for each as well as throwing in some fail-safes if multiplayer games cannot be found or if you play the game with multiplayer turned off.

The next patch should be out sometime in November!