Hey, anonymous alcoholics! We are squeaking out a super tiny update to fix an issue with the Upgrayedd achievement. Specifically for people who earned it prior to the last patch.

When you enter the Shop, the game will look to see if you have earned that achievement and fire it. It had to be added since when you buy the last needed upgrade, it would check and fire so anyone who earned it prior to the fix was kinda fucked.

Here is the obligatory change log:

  • Added: secondary check for Upgrayedd achievement when opening the Shop

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! Today we are pushing out a patch to fix a number of minor issues and give the bots’ brains a little love. Plus set some hooks for upcoming content updates.

For those curious, here is the usual change log with info:

  • Changed: made minor adjustments to bot logic
  • Fixed: issues with a few achievements not firing correctly
  • Fixed: ingredient list counting Coin and Coins
  • Fixed: Krampus Punch not being counted in Mixed Drinks list
  • Fixed: accidental trigger for reloading stat file

Hey, dope fiends!  We are pushing another small patch to upgrade some stuff behind the scenes.  While there is nothing really too exciting added, here is the change log so you can find out what was:

  • Changed: holiday date ranges to be consistent with other CoaguCo games
  • Changed: functions handling achievements and statistics
  • Changed: functions connecting to CoaguCo API
  • Changed: streamlined some code

Happy new year!

Hey, anonymous alcoholics! We are pushing out a small hotfix to correct a CTD bug involving the Shady Merchant. The bastard. There is also a fix for the wrong achievement getting fired when beating Krampus.

If you’re curious, here is the change log:

  • Fixed: defeating Krampus triggers wrong achievement
  • Fixed: crash after buying item from Shady Merchant and starting a match